Mineral Mining : Mining is an important sector.  India’s rapid growth has led to boost in mining sector.  Mining involves many processes like site preparation, over burden removal, excavation of ore, material handling/loading and hauling. For all these purposes, Heavy duty Propeller Shafts and Universal Joints are essential for reliable operation of the earthmovers.

Non- Metallic Ore mining : In non – metallic ore mining like gypsum, sulphur, potash, mica , manganese etc, the mine size is smaller compared to metallic ore mine. Operation of every single earthmover is crucial. Any downtime of dozer or excavator will lead to many fold loss. Keeping this in mind our engineers have carefully selected forged steel raw material for our universal joints , which ensures reliable long life for drivelines under any harsh condition.
Heavy Material Handling / Loading : Wheel Loaders and Excavators find one of their best use in removing loose overburden or ore from the mines. Wheel Loaders also find their use in material handling applications for loading blasted ore into tippers. PTC UJ crosses and Drivelines are best suited for all heavy duty purposes.
Off-road constructions : Like dams, power plants, theme parks involves many dozing/levelling activities wherein the ground has to be cleared/flattened or filled for movement of tipper trucks, making trenches, etc. These activities can be carried out by dozers, motor-graders. PTC offers a wide range of drivelines with heavy torque capacity.
Power Generation: Earthmovers are used in power generation plants mainly for material handling. It is important that the vehicles run smoothly when it is fully loaded to its maximum capacity. The self lubricated universal joints of PTC are specially designed to withstand up to a continuous torque of 10,000NM.
Quarry& aggregates: Marble quarrying is one of the tough jobs in which machines are deployed. The marble blocks are generally rolled after excavation / separation from the parent block and then lifted to different locations for storing / loading prior to transportation. This type of quarrying requires rigid and sturdy structures for the machine since it continuously undergoes large stress and strain while in operation. The PTC make drivelines are suitably designed to smoothly distribute the power from engine to wheel , even in rough and uneven terrain.
Locomotives: Locomotives that are used in various Cement plants, power plants, rock crushing plants are subjected to heavy loading. Our Drivelines and universal Joints are used in the engine power transmission system
Waste Removal: Waste removal in urban and rural sector is a huge industry which requires disposal of large volume in short period. Earthmovers like dozer, Front-end Loader are used for this purpose. Our Drivelines have special provision that prevents entry of sludge, water and other dust and ensures smooth performance of the earthmovers.
Demolition: As cities develop, demolition of existing structure is essential to give way for more planned and organised structures. Since time is crucial factor, heavy earthmovers are deployed to demolish and remove heavy debris. Under tight time schedule, any breakdown of earthmover is a huge loss. Our Drivelines are designed to withstand up to 10000NM continuous torque and 21,100NM of peak torque.
Hauling: For any earthmoving or mining applications it is always necessary to have hauling units. A wide range of tipper trucks and off-highway dump trucks serve the purpose of hauling. Depending upon the excavator bucket capacity, quantity of material to be excavated and transported, material to be handled and hauling distance, various sizes of drivelines and universal joints are supplied.
Overburden removal: Overburden removal is the starting phase of any mining activity. This involves removal of the top layer which generally consists of clay, soil, rocky material and at times very low grade of ore. It is only after removal of overburden that the ore can be excavated – directly or by drilling, blasting or ripping.
Tunnelling Projects : With developments taking place in road and railways in mountain ranges like Western Ghats, North Eastern States and Northern States, excavators with short boom configuration as well as electrically powered machines need to be deployed for tunnelling operations. Depending upon the machines used to dig up the tunnel, various configurations of propeller shafts can be supplied.
Road Construction : Road construction including 4-laning / 6-laning of existing roads and construction of new roads – National Highways or State Highways – is one of the mega projects going on in India. There are huge investments in this sector and it is one of the sectors which is getting the required fillip from the Governments at the Centre as well as the States across the country. Road projects require a lot of machinery – excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, motor graders, tipper trucks, crushers, etc for not only implementing and building quality roads but also speeding up the road projects. Road laying consists of many processes like excavation, side cutting, ripping, levelling, grading, construction of bridges, etc. A road project is one where a large compliment of machinery can be seen in operation each working in tandem and doing a special job.
Urban Development: Major project involving creating multi storey buildings require heavy excavations for foundation and drainage jobs. Urban construction involves works like excavation for foundations, drainages, rock breaking, etc. This also requires a lot of earthwork excavation and can be done with machines of various weight class of up to 30 ton depending on the size of the job and the time frame. Propeller shafts of variable length and torque capacity can be designed to suit the requirement.